Located in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Hunter School is a small, non-profit residential and day school where young boys and girls with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Mood Disorders and related conditions are nurtured, educated and celebrated.

We consider these children to be highly sensitive in that they perceive information and the world differently than others.   We utilize a unique curriculum in our guidance classes called Energetic Mindfulness that teaches children to calm and shift their energies and their thoughts into a positive, peaceful state of mind.   The typical Hunter students tend to be highly intelligent, creative and loving children who are struggling in a world that is unprepared to deal with his or her differences,. If this sounds like your child, Hunter may be the right resource for your family. We teach children ages 5-15 to thrive and excel in the classroom and beyond.

At Hunter, students discover how to:

  • Leverage their unique approach to learning
  • Overcome negative thoughts and behaviors replacing them with positive ones that build self-esteem
  • Live in harmony with those around them

On this web site you'll find information about our unique approach to educating children with ADD, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome.  We are exceptionally skilled at helping children with learning and behavioral challenges.

Quick Facts About the Hunter School:

  • Hunter offers kindergarten through eighth-grade education for children ages 5 through 15.  Students may live on campus or commute to Hunter as day students.
  • Our students are bright, however in today's world their ADHD, Anxiety, Autism or Mood Disorders  have led to significant behavioral issues that hinder success and undermine self-esteem.
  • We accept about 30 students per year.  This small student body allows us to create a caring, intimate environment that nurtures and supports each child individually.
  • The Summer Program at Hunter offers a four or eight-week residential camp that offers both academic and recreational activities. It's a great way for children and their parents to become familiar with Hunter.  Students can enroll in either one four week session or the entire summer session of eight weeks.
  • Hunter's approach provides consistent support and feedback to children who are striving to make behavioral changes.
  • The vegetarian diet provided to Hunter students provides essential nutrition for brain function and focus.
  • Our goal is to prepare every Hunter student for a successful transition back into his or her home and day school environment.
  • Our campus is located on 137 acres of woodland, and borders a pristine lake in central New Hampshire.  Although our campus is rural, we are located near two major universities and medical centers, as well as many recreational facilities.
  • The Hunter School is approved by the State of New Hampshire Department of Education.  We are also SEVIS approved to take international students.
  • We love what we do and we are blessed to work with the energetic, challenging, inspiring children who are part of our Hunter community.